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Geoinformatika 2019; 3(71) : 71-76

УДК 550.83-1029.12


A.V. Menshov1, O.V. Kruglov2, R.V. Homenko1, A.V. Sukhorada1

1Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Institute of Geology. str. Vasilkovskaya, 90, Kyiv, Ukraine, e-mail: menshov.o@ukr.net, suhorada@univ.kiev.ua, hristianin@bigmir.net
2NSC «Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry n.a. O.N. Sokolovsky». str. Tchaikovskaya, 4, Kharkiv, Ukraine. e-mail: alex_kruglov@ukr.net

Purpose. The purpose of the work is to investigate the informative magnetic properties of river valley soils and to show the
prospects for their application.

Design/methodology/approach. In methodical terms, the works were performed according to the methods of landscape and geo-
morphological tests, ultradetal magnetometry, pedagogical studies.Basic magnetic and magnetometric characteristics
of the soils of the river Kozynka valley are considered.

Findings. Landscape, geomorphological and soil characteristics are presented. The results of the magnetometric experiments and pedomagnetic modelling are described. a complex of works was carried out, which included a geomorphological description of the territory, pedomagnetic studies of the most characteristic changes of the soil cover of the study area, magnetometric works on the study of landscapes of the floodplain territory of the Kozynka River, as well as areas of aeolian formations covered with pine forest. The effective magnetization of the soil cover studied during magnetometric and modeling works is (2…4)·10-3 A/m. The results of studying the complete vector of the magnetic field when removing the soil from the section showed that the greatest effect up to 2 nTl is observed at a depth of 70 cm. We can assume that this is the effect of the soil cover on the local anomalous magnetic field of the area. Conclusions have been made regarding the use of the data obtained in archeology, engineering geology, melioration geology.

Keywords: soil, valley, magnetism, magnetometry, terrace.

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Received 02/09/2019