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About the Journal


 The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Earth Sciences Management and Marketing Centre, Institute of Geological Sciences of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Certificate of state registration of the print media − KB № 6174 from 28.05.2002
Periodicity −4 times a year

International Standard Serial Number – ISSN 1684-2189 (Print)

International Standard Serial Number – ISSN 2518-1416 (Online) since june 23, 2016

Journal “Geoіnformatikaˮ (hereinafter Journal) is one of the leading Ukrainian periodical publications specializing in geological, physical and mathematical (geophysics, geological science), geographical and technical sciences.

The Journal publishes original peer-reviewed research articles of graduate students, applicants of the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences, PhD students, postdocs and scientists on theoretical, methodical, methodological and applied aspects of geoinformatics.

The Editorial Board and International Editorial Board include academicians, corresponding members, professors, doctors of sciences − leading experts in their respective fields of science, who work in the Academy of Sciences, research institutes, and higher education establishments.

Sections of the Journal:
  • Optimization of Natural Resources Development: Theory and Practice
  • Geological-Geophysical and Mathematical Methods and Modern Computer Technologies for Earth Research
  • Geoinformation Aspects of Natural Resources Management

Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English.
The Journal has on-line access to the contents and abstracts (in Ukrainian, Russian, English) and full-text articles.

Journal “Geoіnformatikaˮ is displayed in national and international summarization databases: “Ukrainika nauchnayaˮ: the Ukrainian nation-wide abstract database on natural, technical, social, humanitarian, and medical sciences of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine and the Institute for Information Recording of the NAS of Ukraine; the printed counterpart is the refereed journal (URZH) “Dzhereloˮ, review journal (RJ) VINITI of RAS;

is presented and / or indexed in leading national and international electronic databases and search engines:

Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine (electronic resource of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine) − since 2009;

VINITI of RAS (electronic catalog of scientific and technical literature) −since 2005;

WorldCat (network library content and services) −since 2002;

Google Scholar (bibliographic database) − since 2014;

Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory (directory of international periodicals) − since 2015;

Research Bible (international database indexing) − since February 2015;

GeoRef database  (database in the geosciences) − since April 2015;


Index Copernicus (indexation in the ICI Journals Master List)− since December 2015.

The Journal is distributed among national and State libraries of Ukraine, libraries of research institutions, universities, the Library of Congress and Russian State Library.

Information on the subscription to the Journal “Geoіnformatikaˮ is given in catalogs of periodicals of the following organizations:

USEPC “Ukrpochtaˮ; SE “Pressaˮ; Subscription Agency Ltd. “Ukrinformnaukaˮ executes subscription and delivery of printed and electronic copies of the Journal; Subscription Agency Ltd. “Informnaukaˮ that executes orders for shipment and delivery of the Journal on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.