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№ 2(46) • 2013



Theory and Practice of Optimization and Exploration of Natural Resources 


Detection of Local Inhomogeneities in the Basement South Board DDB as the Sites of Possible Accumulations of Hydrocarbons
(Sidorenko G.D., Slobodyanyuk S.O., Slonytska S.G., Rusakov M.I., Litvinenko Yu.O., Tolkunov A.P.)



Geological-Geophysical and Mathematical Methods and Modern
Computer Technologies for Lithosphere Research


Geothermal Resources in Ukraine
(Karpenko V.M., Stasenko V.M., Karpenko O.V.)




Geoinformation Aspects of Natural Resources Management




Geoinformatics has overcome the First Dozen! (XII International Conference “Geoinformatics: Theoretical and Applied Aspects”, Kiev, May 13–16, 2013)
(D.N. Bozhezha, E.A. Tatarinova)


Great Loss for Science

To Commemorate of E.V. Sobotovych