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№ 2 • 2009



General Geoinformatics


Applied Tasks of Geophysics

The Earth Crust and Upper Mantle Investigation along the Debretsen-Mukacheve-Rivne DSS Profile (PANCAKE-08 Project)
(Starostenko V.I., Omelchenko V.D., Lysynchuk D.V., Legostaeva O.V., Grin D.M., Kolomiets K.V. )



Remote Sensing Methods and Analysis of Spatial Data

Spatial-Temporary Variability of the Antarctic Sea Ice Closeness
(Eremeyev V.N., Artamonov Yu.V., Bukatov A.A., Skripaleva E.A.)





Technologies and Methods of Discovering Oil and Gas Structures




VIII International Conference “Geoinformatics: Theoretical and Applied Aspects”, Kyiv, March 24–27, 2009 (Tatarinova O.O.) (Download)


Great Loss for Science

To Commemorate of our Teacher E.G. Bulakh (Download)