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№ 1(41) • 2012



Theory and Practice of Optimization of Natural Resources Development



Forecasting of «Kal’miuskiy Rudnik» (A.F. Zasyad’ko Mine) for Possible Free Methane
(Lukinov V.V., Bezruchko K.A., Prikhodchenko O.V., Gunya D.P.)



Geological-Geophysical and Mathematical Methods and
Modern Computer Technologies for Lithosphere Research



Geoinformation Aspects of Nature Management



Actual Information, Discussion and Interview



How a Good Education in University? (Resume of Participation of Ukrainian Students in 6 th Congress of the Balkan Geophysical Society)
(O.O.Tatarinova, S. Shavrin) (Download)



For the 80-th Anniversary of A.I. Gonchar (Download)


For the 70-th Anniversary of V.M. Eremeev (Download)